It’s time for something NEW!


So we have been doing a lot of thinking and coordinating and more thinking and some more coordinating and even more thinking till we realized we are really good at coordinating and truly LOVE it!

Since we have always been coordinating events we want to coordinate your next social event!

That’s right we have added event coordinating to our list of services. Remember in our first blog, “Let us start here,” where we said we had one more service that we couldn’t wait to share with you but you would have to stay tuned for the revealing in one of our future blogs. Well this is that time!! We want to coordinate that next social event your planning to have.

Our experienced planners have coordinated many events from wedding to birthdays, from graduations to anniversaries and all social events in between.

We will schedule routine meetings with you to make sure everything is going to plan. You will have access to your planner with unlimited communication and coordinating hours.

We specialize in timeline creations, budget analysis, inspiration boards, concept suggestions and etiquette advice. We will even provide you with our premier vendor recommendations. We also offer day-of-coordination to make sure all the details go as planned.

Now why do we like coordinating events?

We enjoy creating your special event and being part of the process. The best part is seeing every detail come together.

Why do we call our service event coordinating and not event planning even though it’s our planners that you will be working with?

Because we are coordinating the event that we plan with you! It’s your social event that you’re planning to have. We are going to be your extension and coordinate the details.

From start to finish Simply Platinum is here for you! We’ll coordinate your event, create your website, manage your RSVPs and be there for day-of-coordination.

Ask us how we can make your next social event seamless.

Stay tuned as our next blog provides tips on planning AND coordinating your next social event!



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