Why does your wedding need a website?

You’re engaged and you have a long list of planning items. There’s so much to do, so many vendors to book, dates to confirm, gowns to buy, colors to pick, décor to choose and the last item you’re thinking about is a website. You obviously know you need to send out invitations and that’s how your guests will know when and where the celebration is. But why should you even consider having a website and adding it to your already long list of to dos?

First and most importantly, everyone is online! That’s right all you family and friends are connected to the wonderful world of the internet. This is the perfect place to display your great news! Go ahead and show off! It’s your day and one of the days where the attention is on YOU (and your fiancé too)! Not only are you sharing your amazing news, telling that cute story of how you two met and letting the world see your beautiful engagement photos but you’re also keeping everyone updated about the wedding – date, time, place, etc. Another thought is being able to share your website with everyone, including all the people you want to invite but really can’t because you know your invite list will easily turn into 300 or 500 guests. This is especially important for the couples looking to have a smaller more intimate wedding. Allow everyone to engage on your website and share in your special day even if they didn’t make it on to the guest list. There’s nothing wrong with telling them you wish you could have everyone attend but would like to keep it very intimate with immediate family and close friends. They’ll appreciate that they can at least read your story and see those gorgeous pictures!

Okay, now you’re screaming from the roof tops and telling everyone how amazing the two of you are…now let’s talk since that date is getting close. How many times have you lost an invitation to any party not just a wedding? I am so guilty of this! I actually packed a wedding invitation during a move once and had to search through all my nicely packed boxes just to dig out the RSVP card… oops! (we’ll talk about those little RSVPs cards soon). Alright, we all lose things including invitations so wouldn’t it be nice that your guests can click on your beautiful website and see all the information that would be on the invitation? Of course it would! Let me share another story here. I was invited to a wedding, which the couple did have a website for. It was so easy to click on the address of the venue and with my wonderful smart phone, my navigation app opened and gave me directions right to the place! I didn’t have to search for an invitation or worry about saving the little direction card.

So we have that beautiful website and we made it easy for your guests to get to where they need to be because let’s be honest they can lose an invitation but they can’t lose the internet. What about the RSVPs? Remember my personal story about packing the invitation. Well, let’s just say I may have remembered that I never sent in my RSVP, which so happens that the day I remembered and started digging through my nicely packed boxes was the last day to RSVP. This couple had decided not to have a website (to each is their own) so I had no choice but to admit I was not sending it on time. And yes, I texted the bride with a picture of my RSVP card since I reached the deadline and told her she will be receiving it in a few days but she had my count for now. Guess what though?? If they had a website that we could RSVP on I would have easily replied that moment and technically not been late (and saved the embarrassing sorry text). Collecting RSVPs online is not the only option. You can still send out the RSVP cards and give your guests the opportunity to reply online as well. Keep in mind though if you only collect RSVPs online you’re saving paper on those extra cards and saving money on the stamps!

All in all, a website is another to do list item but can certainly be beneficial to you and your guests. It’s a place to share your special story, keep your guests updated and it’s an easy way to collect RSVPs. So, go ahead and check that item off your list, it’s one of the best ones since it’s all about you and your fiancé. It’s the place you can let everyone see how great you two are and what an amazing journey you’re on.


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