Why does your wedding need a website?

You’re engaged and you have a long list of planning items. There’s so much to do, so many vendors to book, dates to confirm, gowns to buy, colors to pick, décor to choose and the last item you’re thinking about is a website. You obviously know you need to send out invitations and that’s how your guests will know when and where the celebration is. But why should you even consider having a website and adding it to your already long list of to dos?

First and most importantly, everyone is online! That’s right all you family and friends are connected to the wonderful world of the internet. This is the perfect place to display your great news! Go ahead and show off! It’s your day and one of the days where the attention is on YOU (and your fiancé too)! Not only are you sharing your amazing news, telling that cute story of how you two met and letting the world see your beautiful engagement photos but you’re also keeping everyone updated about the wedding – date, time, place, etc. Another thought is being able to share your website with everyone, Continue reading “Why does your wedding need a website?”